Soon Summer

As we are now approaching spring and the next coming season summer, I would like to give some suggestions/inspirations for the warm summer days and evenings.

Click on the images for the details.



Romantic style is one of the main trends for SS 2016, and with combination of the 2 coloures , light blue and rose quartz which have been highlighted as important colours of the season, it gives us a sweet look for an unformal summer event.



We do also sometime can have a less warm summer evening in Copenhagen, and for that occasion we would need something which will help us out, for example a cool leather jucket , and if it happens to be in roze quartz or light pink it will still say SUMMER. The sweet light blue dress confirms that I love this combination of colours.


Denim is another trend of the season, and as it also gives us a lot of comfort when we are off duty, I have chosen the coolest denim shorts to start with, and the opportunities are many.


I also believe you can dress in denim from toe to top. Adding some red and gold colour, we will be ready for a fun summer party!



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