The weather in Copenhagen continues to be very warm, with some rain as well, which is actually nice as it brings some freshness into the hot air. In this summer outfit I am wearing a… View Post

I guess you have already noticed that I am a great bag addict. I actually like to build my outfits around a bag, and not the other way around trying to find a matching bag… View Post

I will spend my summer in Copenhagen this year, but it does not mean I cannot dream about my favorite travel destinations. I have recently been mentioning London here, and I will continue adress some… View Post

Can you wear black dress in the summer? It might not be the first colour you have in mind when you choose a summer outfit. But what if it is one of your favorite colors,… View Post

The weather in Copenhagen has been amazing this weekend. The sun has been shining and everything is blossoming. Beautiful flowers everywhere in the Kings Garden. The floral dress from in this post is matching the… View Post