One Bag – Three Looks

One Bag - Three Looks

I guess you have already noticed that I am a great bag addict. I actually like to build my outfits around a bag, and not the other way around trying to find a matching bag for an outfit. Even though the amount of bags, purses, clutches in my closet is big, it is stil less than the amount of the other items – dresses, skirts, tops, pants etc. So when I ”fall in love” with a new bag, I need to be reasonable and create different combinations of the bag with the other pieces of clothes I have (or will soon have). In this post I would like to give some inspiration for combination of a bag with the other items, so we get 3 outfits out of it, and I just love the combination excersise!

  • The first one is an outfit for a formal summer event, probably outside. The beautiful dress with creative patterns will be the center in this look and therefore the neutral white shoes and the classic beige bag are the best match. I have also chosen earings which are matching the flower motive on the dress.
  • The second one consist of summer colors clothes – a romantic off shoulder top, which is so trendy this season, and a pastel light blue skirt. To make the look more original, may be a bit less ”sweet”, I have added some statement sandals. The mix of romantic and rock is my favorite.
  • The third one with the chiffon navy&pink dress, the matching pink hills and the neutral bag is cool, relaxed and “so summer”

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