Creating a vintage look using contemporary items

I love to go outside the trends and get myself a vintage look, or a look with some retro touch, and there are great style icons like Dita Von Teese and Scarlett Johansson who inspire me a lot to do this. Here are the ladies wearing my absolutely favorite glamourous 50s looks (photos



I would be happy to find really great vintage pieces which would get me the look I want and which would be my size and would still be in a good condition, but it is not always possible (or almost always impossible). At the same time the contemporary fashion designers are also often finding the inspiration in the past, like this season trends denim and neutral tones come from the 70s. Therefore I try create my vintage looks from what is avaliable. There are several ways to do it.

I do search the inspiration in the old photos, and try to recreate a look, or I can also just have an image in my head (not always a good one, but I try), or I can find an item which look like 30s or 50 s and then build a look around it.


On the photos below, I was trying to feature Coco Chanel (my appologies to the great Mademoiselle). Here I am wearing an absolutely classic black dress or a modern white jacket and then using accesories, hat and pearl neckless to create the looks. Obviously making the photos black and white helps as well.




There are some modern brands who offer vintage looking clothes. My favorites are the Dutch brand King Lou , and the Danish brand Edith&Ella (which I think has changed through the last years, but there are still many items which can help you to create the look).







The look on the photo below came very incidentally – I saw a dress which I thought looked like 30s, added some accesories and a red lipstick and that was it.



To conclude I would like to post a photo with some accessories from my collection of what I see as typicaly vintage inspired: a scarf, a hat, a brooch and lots of pearls!



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