Bags of the season by Braccialini


Braccialini has been my favorite bag brand for years. I remember the first time I entered their store in Milan and saw the beautiful pieces. I liked them all, from the special ones with creative shapes and colors to the elegant original ones. They are so special and precious.

This season I have been spoiling myself with 4 new creations, please see my report below. In my next outfit posts I am coming up with the looks with my new darlings in focus.


White Lizzy Shopping Bag – Elegant, sophisticated and practical

Outfit post: Floral & White 

Braccialini Lizzie bag


Sweety Mini Mini-Bag – Bright and mood boosting cross-body bag

Outfit post: Black Dress & Coral Bag

Braccialini sweety mini bag

Braccialini sweety mini bag


Cartolini Londra Mini Bag – Creative round mini bag

Outfit post: The London Mood

Braccialini Londra mini bag


Bronze Chayote Mini Bag – Elegant and shiny

Outfit post: Violet Gold

Bronze Chayote Mini Bag

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