Welcome to my blog. My name is Lilia, and I am based in a wonderful city of Copenhagen. I am a personal style blogger, a mom, a wife and I am also a working lady. Fashion, style and trends have always been my big interest, and I am happy to blog about it. I am keeping an eye on the seasonal trends but not always following them in my looks. I am trying to combine my personal style with what is trendy. I believe in various style for the various situation, and I like to be feminine and romantic, chic and elegant, sporty and casual – all for a particular occasion. For some special moments I like to create a vintage look and add a 50s touch to my outfits. In my blog I am writing about my experience with fashion, finding the right pieces, combining them in the outfits and presenting them in a nice way. All photos are taken by my husband Egidijus Stalnionis, if not stated otherwise.